Custom Built Dog Leash & Key Holder

This custom build multipurpose entryway blackboard & keyholder is a perfect addition to your’ll also look great hanging in the garage or by the backdoor! It comes with two picture hooks on the back to hang it, and a quick hanging guide to help you get it on the wall, no fuss!

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Customisation Options:

Colour - Chestnut, Cherry, Ebony, Farmhouse Rustic (Sanded), White

Hooks - Gold, Copper, Black & Gold, Brushed Chrome, Chrome


  • Width: 20.5cm (8.07in)
  • Height: 22.5cm (8.85in)
  • Thickness of board: 1.5cm (0.59in)
  • Hanging points: 2 x Picture Hooks on reverse
  • Backing: Cork

Our Customers say:

"This item is well made, shipped with care and arrived in a very timely manner. We placed it right next to our main entry door to hold my young daughter's backpack. Very happy with this purchase!" - Jessica Waites, USA

It is great for leaving a cute note for a loved one or just asking somebody to grab some milk on the way home. The chalkboard is wipe clean and it looks awesome against the varnished wood. The back of the sign won't damage your walls as it’s covered in a cork backing. This wall decor is attached to the wall by means of two picture hooks on the reverse. 

This item was handcrafted by us...the wood was cut to size, sanded and polished with 5 sizes of sandpaper and finally polished before being stained and varnished with 4 coats, before we attached the hooks and the black-board. Finally the cork is attached with an industrial glue, so it will last you a lifetime!

Please note, all wood is unique so there may be slight variations in knots and grain.