Unusual Medicine Bottle Desk Lamp

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Handmade and exclusive, our lamps incorporate vintage medicine bottles and modern LED's. Signature pieces. Characterful, storytelling items that spark interest at every gathering, Each of our lamps was born of both their materials and a concept. Each item comes with a switched transformer and a card with the full item story.

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This piece comprises two small circular pots, bonded to a dark cherry colored, varnished stand, made of organically grown Ukrainian wood. Uplit with warm white LED lighting.


  • Height: 95mm | 37" 4'
  • Length: 60mm | 23" 6'
  • Width: 140mm | 55" 1'
  • Weight: 249g

Included with your order:

- Wooden lamp (Base and three bottles)

- Plug in transformer

- Standard European plug (we provide plug adapters, for free, for our customers in the USA, Canada and Japan, just let us know when you order if you require one)

- An informational card about the item, guaranteeing it’s unique status, name, all about its namesake and a photo of it being made in our workshop.

- All our love and care in beautiful packaging!

The Inspiration:

As the founder of analytical psychology, Carl Jung's influence over psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and culture at large is unmistakable and can’t be missed in “The Apothecary” collection. When creating Jung’s lamp, we wanted to be able to combine at least two of his most influential ideas. 

In this lamp two separate concepts combine, the theory of introverted and extroverted personalities, within the two pots,  but also highlighting their interconnectedness within the collective unconscious, via the box with the open top. 

Among his long list of accomplishments, Jung's prolific career gave us the concepts of the introverted and extroverted personalities and the notion of the collective unconscious, as well as extensive contributions to the study and interpretation of religion, literature, history, and culture.