Unusual Medicine Bottle Desk Lamp

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Handmade and exclusive, our lamps incorporate vintage medicine bottles and modern LED's. Signature pieces. Characterful, storytelling items that spark interest at every gathering, Each of our lamps was born of both their materials and a concept. Each item comes with a switched transformer and a card with the full item story.

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This piece comprises a tall round bottle, paired with a smaller bottle of the same type. They are bonded to a light washed, white varnished base, made of organically grown Ukrainian wood. Uplit with cool white LED lighting.


  • Height: 175mm
  • Length: 145mm
  • Width: 65mm
  • Weight: 320g

Included with your order:

- Wooden lamp (Base and three bottles)

- Plug in transformer with in-line on/off switch and cable

- Standard European plug (we provide plug adapters, for free, for our customers in the USA, Canada and Japan, just let us know when you order if you require one)

- An informational card about the item, guaranteeing it’s unique status, name, all about its namesake and a photo of it being made in our workshop.

- All our love and care in beautiful packaging!

The Inspiration:

When choosing ‘most influential people’ in a field, it is always somewhat of a minefield. How does one measure ‘influence’? However, few have been as seminal as Hippocrates. He is usually considered the father of western medicine and we feel he has fully earned his place within The Apothecary Collection. When we conceptualized this lamp we wanted something which showed the duality of the Hippocratic oath, do no harm, while sometimes having to deal with the personal conflicts that come with it and the burnout that doctors can suffer from as a result of their efforts.

Through the teachings ascribed to him, Hippocrates was perhaps the first to consider disease to be the result of naturally occurring forces rather than something attributable to the gods and superstition. He helped establish medicine as a separate scientific discourse, laying the foundation for the clinical practice of medicine and playing a groundbreaking part in the development of the role and ethics of the physician through the Hippocratic Oath.

One of the originations of the Hippocratic oath was the concept of doing no harm during your work as a physician. Nowadays, we are made aware that the lines are rarely so well formed and that sometimes hard choices have to be made by the doctor concerned, hence the washed out white chosen to color this lamp. However, even so we expect that it still fulfill its purpose and overall, become an important and beautiful part of someone's’ life.