Unusual Medicine Bottle Desk Lamp

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Handmade and exclusive, our lamps incorporate vintage medicine bottles and modern LED's. Signature pieces. Characterful, storytelling items that spark interest at every gathering, Each of our lamps was born of both their materials and a concept. Each item comes with a switched transformer and a card with the full item story.

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This piece comprises two round glass bottles bonded to a whitewashed varnished base, made of organically grown Ukrainian wood. Uplit with cool white LED lighting.


  • Height: 85mm
  • Length: 105mm
  • Width: 60mm
  • Weight: 345g

Included with your order:

- Wooden lamp (Base and two bottles)

- Plug in transformer with in-line on/off switch and cable

- Standard European plug (we provide plug adapters, for free, for our customers in the USA, Canada and Japan, just let us know when you order if you require one)

- An informational card about the item, guaranteeing it’s unique status, name, all about its namesake and a photo of it being made in our workshop.

- All our love and care in beautiful packaging!

The Inspiration:

Most things that we consider obvious today were once unheard of. The Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis was influential in establishing sanitary conditions in surgery and the healthcare setting by demonstrating—using rigorous statistical methodologies—how the simple act of handwashing dramatically lowered death rates after childbirth. He became known as the "savior of mothers." When creating “The Apothecary” collection we couldn’t possibly ignore someone who made such an impact on the field of medical science. 

Although Semmelweis's theory ultimately ushered in decent sanitary conditions in operating theaters and hospitals, he was ridiculed by the medical establishment of the time. This was the origin of the expression “The Semmelweis Reflex"—a tendency to reject new theories when they contradict established practice or understanding.

The idea of connecting the name of a physician who conclusively proved the importance of sanitary conditions, with a used vintage medicine bottle might seem like a cruel irony; but the actual concept behind the creation of this item adds clarity. The bottle itself symbolizes all the imperfections of sanitary conditions which were highlighted by Ignaz Semmelweis in his groundbreaking theory which has saved millions of lives, in this case, highlighted by the LED’s In the base.