Unusual Medicine Bottle Desk Lamp

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Handmade and exclusive, our lamps incorporate vintage medicine bottles and modern LED's. Signature pieces. Characterful, storytelling items that spark interest at every gathering, Each of our lamps was born of both their materials and a concept. Each item comes with a switched transformer and a card with the full item story.

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This piece comprises two rectangular bottles, bonded to a dark walnut colored, multi height, varnished base platform, made of organically grown Ukrainian wood. Uplit with cool-white LED lighting.


  • Height: 105mm
  • Length: 65mm
  • Width: 160mm
  • Weight: 285g

Included with your order:

- Wooden lamp (Base and three bottles)

- Plug in transformer with in-line on/off switch and cable

- Standard European plug (we provide plug adapters, for free, for our customers in the USA, Canada and Japan, just let us know when you order if you require one)

- An informational card about the item, guaranteeing it’s unique status, name, all about its namesake and a photo of it being made in our workshop.

- All our love and care in beautiful packaging!

The Inspiration:

Dr Alexander Fleming changed the face of medical treatment as we know it today. His discoveries led to him winning the 1945 Nobel Prize; but perhaps more meaningfully, they allowed us to effectively and painlessly treat many bacterial infections that previously led to death. It could be argued that there are few scientists that have saved more lives than Fleming; with his remarkable discovery. This lamp was the first in the Apothecary Collection, and sparked the collection itself. 

It was originally designed to a be one level, ‘L’ shaped piece; but in the same way as Fleming’s work on ‘Staphylococcus aureus’, led to important future studies; collaborations with other researchers; and a well-known chain of events that culminated in the availability of antibiotics; our work on this lamp led to the (originally discarded), idea for the two level approach. 

When naming the piece it seemed beautifully appropriate to name it for a scientist who changed the face of medicine as we know it today, with a course of events almost as unplanned. 

Later, when designing other pieces, we first thought of notable physicians and researchers who made significant contributions to the field of medical science and designed pieces which illustrated aspects of who they are or were, and thus, The Apothecary Collection was born. 

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