Wall Mount Wood Spice Rack & Recipe Book Holder

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Cook up a storm with your new Spice Rack. Handmade with love, it will last you a lifetime, and with designs from rustic through to Walnut Modern, you’ll find one that looks great in your kitchen! A beautiful solid wood wall mount handcrafted Spice Rack with top shelf as recipe book holder. The top shelf has small pegs which flip up from behind the front bar, to hold the pages of your recipe book, the bottom shelf will hold up to 11 spice containers snugly, or 10 spaced.

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It will comfortably fit most brands of containers, but if you are unsure of whether it will fit yours, check below for dimensions, or just drop us a mail and I will check for you! :)

I love multi-purpose items, that save space and still look beautiful! This wall mount spice rack takes a day to make and another day to finish.

You can use this little wall mount beauty to hold your kitchen spices, essential oils, or whatever your heart desires! This spice rack will be a excellent addition to any kitchen, wall, style or space. 

Each spice rack is handcrafted and made to order, which means they will all be unique in their own way, and vary with their knots, color tones, lovely natural imperfections, and character.


Two-shelf spice rack : will hold 10-11 spice containers of normal size on each row. (This includes most common spice brands.) The glass spice containers pictured have a 4.5cm standard diameter and are nearly 11.5 cm  tall allowing 10 containers to fit spaced, or 11 snugly.


  • Height of two-shelf spice rack · 23 cm 
  • Height of three-shelf spice rack · 38 cm
  • Width of spice rack · 51.5 cm
  • Length of shelves · 49.5 cm
  • Depth of shelves · 5 cm
  • Depth of spice rack including crossbars · 5.5 cm
  • Distance between shelves · 13 cm
  • Weight 1.5 kg

Dimensions may vary by a few millimetres, but not more than that. I have a very precise ruler :)

Includes D-ring hangers installed, and can be mounted on any surface simply with nails or screws. Spice jars not included - they’re mine!! :)

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10 Standard Jars